Bringing Back Dinner

Mom and Dad work non-stop, teens are tied to their phones and toddlers are hooked on tablets.

70% of meals in America are consumed outside the home and the concept of a regular family dinner is slowly dying.

At the end of the day time is short and energy is spent. Its understandably difficult to sit down, enjoy a meal together and talk about your day.

That has to change.

I’m Adam. My wife Nicki and I run Wooden Union together. We live in Tennessee with 2 toddlers and 1 mutt. Dinner is a priority in our home. We sit on our butts. We put down our phones. We talk about our day. We devour delicious home cooked meals that we prepare ourselves.

Or at least that’s what we shoot for…

We are far from perfect. However, we are intentional about spending time together as a family and our dining table is one place we enjoy doing that daily. Almost daily. Most days. When toddlers aren’t melting down. You get the point :)

“Let’s hike in our pajamas” they said.  “It’ll be great” they said.  They were right!

“Let’s hike in our pajamas” they said. “It’ll be great” they said. They were right!

Wooden Union is dedicated to bringing back dinner.

Our aim is to create beautiful, hand made, heirloom quality things that enable you, dear customer, to plan, prepare and present food for your family and friends at your table - where ever that may be.

Also, we partner with Meals of Hope - an organization that packs simple, nutritious, low cost meals (we’re talking just $0.25 per meal!) to combat hunger in our city. In your city. All over the country. For every purchase you make, we will donate $1 to Meals of Hope. That means your order can fund dinner for a family of 4.

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