Frequently asked questions


What Kind of Wood Do You Use?

We use walnut, cherry and maple for everything. We don’t use anything else unless we get our hands on something special, its a one-off build or a custom request for a client.

Why those particular species? Because they are beautiful, easy to work and readily available.

Also, we do our very best to source lumber from sawyers who harvest sustainably. Blow downs, tree removal services and construction companies supply a good deal of our lumber. Basically, if its coming down anyways, we might as well use it!

Do You Offer Personalization?

Nope. We focus on simple, elegant products. We're not into stamping our name on things. Or your name. Sorry!

Do You Do Custom Work?

Sometimes. For example, we use flax seed oil and beeswax to finish the vast majority of our products. Some people are allergic to flax seed oil. We offer all of our products with alternative finishes if that’s you. Just give us a shout.

We also make one-off projects on a limited basis upon request.

Want to know if we’re a good fit to work with you? Contact us!

What Kind of Dog is the Mutt?

Bella is part German Shepherd and part Border Collie. We think.

Where are You Located?

In east Tennessee. 20 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Do you Actually Eat Dinner Together Every Night?

Almost. We’re normal (or at least we’re pretty sure we are!). We’re busy. Life happens. Sometimes one or more of us have other commitments. That said, if we’re all home, we’re eating together. Pizza from our Kamado Joe, tiki masala, and bibimbap bowls are a few favorites…and sometimes we just eat leftovers…or take out. The point is we’re at the table and we’re together.

Any other questions?

Just ask. Here.