Our Process


Our business begins and ends with one goal in mind: Bringing back dinner.

For us, that means designing and producing products that enable you to plan, prepare and present food at your table on a regular basis.

As we unpacked that a bit further, we realized we wanted to make things you can use daily. For years. And years. With proper care, decades.

The Best Materials

We source the best materials we possibly can. We do our very best to get our hands on high-quality, sustainably sourced lumber that is absolutely perfect for our purposes.

We use walnut, cherry and maple lumber for all of our products because those species are readily available in east Tennessee, behave well when coming in contact with food and are relatively easy to work with.

To finish our products, we use a proprietary food-safe blend of flax seed oil and beeswax. Flax seed oil is a curing oil meaning once it is totally dry, it will provide a layer of protection that is not available with other food-safe finishes like olive oil or mineral oil.

Also, unlike polyurethane or polycrylic finishes, it is easy to maintain. If your finish starts to wear a bit - which will certainly happen over time - just rub it down with a scotch brite pad and add some of our Wooden Union Oil. Your piece will be ready to be put right back into service. No stripping or sanding required.

Taking Our Sweet Time

Every product we sell has been meticulously selected, designed and executed to suit a specific purpose in your kitchen or at your table. Most of our products have gone through multiple iterations before ever being listed for sale in our store.

When you place an order for a Wooden Union product you will receive a refined, purpose-built product that won’t leave our shop until we’d be proud to use it in our own kitchen or at our own table.

Any questions about something we didn’t address here? Give us a shout!

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