Butcher Block Oil

Butcher Block Oil


Our butcher block oil is a high quality, food grade mineral oil. Use this to recondition your end grain cutting board.

If you need to recondition anything else you’ve purchased from us, our flax seed oil and beeswax mix is what you’re after.

Approximate capacity: 12 fl oz

Availability: Ships within 2 business days

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Applying The Oil

To apply this finish, simply ensure that your board is completely clean and dry. Apply a liberal, wait 30 minutes, and wipe away any excess oil that remains as thoroughly as possible. Flip the board and repeat on the other side. That’s it. You’re done. Go. Chop something.


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Return Policy

We make everything by hand and we use premium materials from start to finish. We take the time to ensure that each product is as close to perfect as possible when it leaves our shop.

Because we spare no expense - and in order to keep our prices as reasonable as we possibly can - we do not accept returns.

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