Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand


Portrait or landscape, this simple design packs flat and provides your iPad with a stable base.

Made by hand, our stands are finished with a mixture of flax seed oil and beeswax for a smooth, satin finish.

Approximate Dimensions: 11” wide, 10” tall

Availability: Ships within 2 business days

Available in: Maple (white to tan), Cherry (light brown to red) and Walnut (dark brown)

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Our tablet stands are made with sustainably sourced walnut, cherry and maple lumber. We use a food safe, flax seed oil and beeswax mixture to provide a smooth, satin finish that can be easily maintained over time and should provide decades of faithful service.

Have a food allergy? Need an alternative finish? Let us know! We can’t solve every problem, but we will promise to do everything reasonably possible to accommodate you.

Caring For Your Tablet Stand

Your tablet stand shouldn’t require much maintenance because, well, it’s a tablet stand. Your tablet stands on it. That is its only job.

That said, spills, splatters and stains do happen. In the event that your tablet stand requires cleaning, simply rub it down with a wet rag and allow it to dry completely. Any rough spots can be rubbed out with a standard scotch brite pad. In some cases, fine-grit sand paper may be required if a scotch brite pad doesn’t get the job done. We recommend at least 320 grit.

As mentioned above, your stand is finished with a mixture of flax seed oil and beeswax. This is a food safe, permeable finish. Over time, with routine care, the finish may start to fade. Simply apply a thin coat of Wooden Union Oil. Let the wood absorb the oil for approximately 30 minutes. Then, wipe away the excess as thoroughly as possible. Let the oil cure for 48 hours and your platter should be good as new!


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Return Policy

We make everything by hand and we use premium materials from start to finish. We take the time to ensure that each product is as close to perfect as possible when it leaves our shop.

Because we spare no expense - and in order to keep our prices as reasonable as we possibly can - we do not accept returns.

That said, we’re human. We have 2 toddlers. We don’t sleep much. The occasional mistake does happen. If you receive a product that is significantly less than perfect, we’ll give you a full refund including any applicable shipping cost you may have incurred.